When you have plenty of cats, it’s good to have a big window

We’re lucky we live in a house that has a big lounge, because with six cats, you need a big window when they want to look out. Not that it overlooks anything particularly interesting, apart from a fence, and some still-flowering rose bushes (not a bad effort three weeks into autumn). In reality, though, they often use the opening side windows to come in and out, especially Molly, in the centre, and Daisy, on the right, who still haven’t mastered our cat flap. Of course, they sometimes block those windows making up their minds about whether or not to go outside, especially when the weather’s bad. Hence Molly ran out of patience after the shots I inexpertly merged here were taken, leaving her mum, Malcolm, on the left, and Daisy to sit at either end and stare at each other.

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