Let me in, I want my breakfast!

Look at that cute little cat, all afraid, looking through the door.

I’m Daisy, and my Dad – the human one – took that picture a couple of days ago. I wish he’d been in a bit more of a hurry to open the door and let me in. I was hungry, and I’d been out all night, unable to get inside and snuggle up on a bed.

What did you say? Oh, that thing next to me is known as a cat flap, is it? I didn’t know that. I don’t use it, it’s scary. I’ve seen my cat mum, Malcolm,  and some of the other cats here go through it, but I just can’t bring myself to go near it when the flap starts waving around like that. So if I don’t get inside before Mum and Dad go to bed, I end up having to stay out all night. Not a lot of fun, ask my younger sister, Molly, – about five minutes younger – she can’t stand it either.

In the last few days, my human Mum’s started to hold the flap open for me a bit. I don’t mind it so much then, I can get through without anything hitting me. Trouble is, she’s not always around to do that for me.

I think Dad secretly doesn’t mind when I’m stuck outside, because it means I can’t get on their bed and grab their toes or anything. They’re not too keen on claws in their feet for some reason. Actually Dad  frightened me a bit the other night, and even alarmed Mum, I think. Not really sure why. He was just settling down to sleep when I grabbed his foot through the bedclothes with both my front paws – of course my claws were out, I’m a cat! – and he let out a bellow that I’m sure the neighbours heard.

After he calmed down, he was talking about shutting me outside if I did it again. No worries there, I was off the bed after he shouted out a pretty naughty word!

But I do love being on their bed, really. In fact, they’ll both tell you I love cuddling up to them. Mum was getting a little irritated with me this morning, though. I just touched her face with my paw a few times, just to let her know I was there, but she didn’t seem happy. She muttered something about “half past four in the morning”. I have no idea what that means.

Their bed’s huge, like an inside playground. Sometimes I can bounce on Dad’s stomach and he doesn’t even wake up. Mum tells him about it the next morning. There’s this really high bit just above where they put their heads, and I love jumping up there. Then I can look down on them, or walk up and down and try to see what’s happening outside, though that’s tough with the curtains drawn.

I can even sit on the window sill behind their bed, but I’m not so keen on that anymore. A couple of weeks ago, I leaned against the window a bit and it popped open, and the next thing I knew, I was sliding down the roof!

Mum and Dad weren’t happy. They kept muttering something about it being “really early”, and then trying to get me to run up the roof towards the window. No way! Scary as!

So I went out to the end of the roof and looked down. Even scarier! Then Bryan decided he wanted to see what was happening and the parents let him come out because they thought he was braver than me and might show me the way down from the roof. What a joke that turned out to be! Now there were two of us stuck out there.


Eventually Dad had to climb onto a little stepladder and get us to come towards him at the corner of the roof in that picture. But it took a long time before either of us were brave enough to go right to the edge so he could pick us up.

What an adventure! Needless to say, it’s not one any of the Seaview 6 want to repeat. So I’ll stick to bouncing around that bed for now, as long as I manage to get in before they lock up.